Cargo Conversion

Apart from supplying the prepreg lay-ups and glass epoxy parts, the interior 

design is also managed by our facility in Israel and India.

Business Jets

Our components go into stylish, hard-working-business jets.

The immaculate Prepreg lay-ups for the glare shields, window frame, and external fairing are also provided by our facility- for style with precise strength  

  •  Planning and producing a prototype.

  •  The transition from development to production.

  •  Planning and producing tools and molds.

  •  Mass production of all the parts of the unmanned aircraft in platforms in  different sizes.

Antennas and Domes
  • Producing antennas.

  • Producing Domes.

  • Finishing and dyeing services.

  • Fitting raw materials to the electromagnetic needs of the products.